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Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command

"Semper in Proelio - Always in Battle"

Fort George G. Meade, Maryland

SL Renata Spinks

Cyber Technology Officer, U.S. Marine Corps Cyberspace Command
SL Renata Spinks

Ms. Renata Spinks is the Cyber Technology Officer, SES, for the United States Marine Corps Cyberspace Command.  


With an extensive depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise in systems engineering, business operations and cybersecurity, Ms. Spinks quickly ascended to the executive ranks and has become one of the nation’s highly sought after cyber technologists, systems engineer and leaders. 


Now serving as the nation’s first Cyber Technology Officer her immediate impact is noted in her recent selection as the 2020 Stars and Stripes Black Engineer of the Year Award recipient for the Department of Defense Senior Executives.

Her current USMC accomplishments include deploying Joint Regional Security Stacks, designing to Zero Trust principals, security and compliance for device connectivity to DOD networks, technical proficiency training modeling and workforce development as well as now studying technical operations required to operate in degraded or low bandwidth connectivity and integrate with the Naval Tactical Grid. In response to the accelerated telework posture in the DOD, she is also the Executive Sponsor leading the USMC O365 Velocity Migration.

Ms. Spinks has led three major careers over the past 20 years.  Serving as the Special Assistant to the Director of Technology, she was the Lead Solutions Engineer for the Office of Financial Research Analytical Environment at the US Treasury Departmental Offices (2012-2016) where she worked with Wall Street banking institutions to execute high performance computing known as “big data analytics.”  She served at the US Immigration and Custom Enforcement Agency, (2008-2010) where she led asset management and business intelligence analysis and served as a Criminal Research Analyst for Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Law Enforcement investigations (2010-2012).  She’s a United States Army Medical Evacuation Specialist [OIF 2003]; is a graduate of St Augustine’s College (BS Computer Information Systems) and holds a MS in Technology Management from Florida Institute of Technology.


Ms. Spinks is passionate about public service, sisterhood and academia.  She is the founder of a not for profit organization for youth “Rising Footsteps” and is the Director of The Bosslady Network providing executive coaching to C-Suite Leaders.  She is the author of “FOCUS _8 Steps to Unmasking Your You”, and is looking forward to the publishing of her book “Act Like a Lady Think Like A Bosslady” scheduled to begin presales in August 2020. She is a Louisiana native who loves New Orleans Saints Football, cooking and as a recognized CIAA Elite Student Athlete, still loves to play basketball.


Ms. Spinks bring keen presence and pivots from the status quo; rapidly influencing others to adopt new ways of thinking; producing solutions focused on improving technology; interpersonally adjusting to different cultures and behaviors and fostering continuous growth.  She is known as the “fixer” and “game-changer” to every challenge resolution she leads or becomes a part of.